IFR Training

In the Instrument IFR segment, UAT instructors utilize the L-39 Turbojet, which has been modified with Electronic Flight Instrumentation System (EFIS) that simulates current corporate and executive aircraft. The student occupies the rear cockpit underneath a curtain to learn the prevention, recognition and recovery from unusual attitudes and upsets using instrumentation only. Attitudes covered are:

  • Nose up
  • Nose down
  • Overbank
  • Combination of pitch and bank
  • Stalls

The IFR Training program combines both a ground and flight syllabus that cover the following aspects:


  • Instrument scans
  • Full panel attitude reference
  • Partial panel attitude reference
  • Recognition of LOC-I on instruments
  • Zero-G and its benefits
  • Baseline maneuvers and recovery options on instruments

Flight Utilizing Instruments

  • Aircraft familiarization
  • Aircraft handling/warm-up
  • Stalls (on instruments) with recoveries
  • Baseline nose high maneuvers on instruments
  • Baseline nose low maneuvers on instruments
  • Entries to nose high unusual attitude with recovery
  • Entries to nose low unusual attitude with recovery
  • Partial panel recoveries
  • Inadvertent upset recoveries
  • Video debrief

On-board aircraft video cameras capture your flight for debrief with your instructor when you return and a copy is provided for future reference. For more information, click here


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